Steven W. Bernstein: A Career in Foreclosure

April 30, 2017
Throughout his long professional career, Steven W. Bernstein has gained an amazing amount of experience and insight in a variety of areas that have helped to make him a foremost expert on the foreclosure process. For example, he has worked as an attorney, a financial advisor and an auditor, as well as a hotel owner. While Steven has served a number of individuals and businesses by helping them get through the foreclosure process in the best shape possible, his greatest achievement may be his latest business venture, which he named Foreclosure Defense, LLC. He established the firm in 2009, at the apex of the mortgage crisis, when foreclosures set records and many of those foreclosures were actually unfair or illegal.

Steven W. Bernstein’s professional background has given him the experience, insights and skills needed to understand every aspect of virtually any foreclosure case and what options homeowners have to best deal with the process. He owned a very successful mortgage company for a couple of decades and another 20 years working with one of the nation’s largest financial services companies, but he has also been a licensed real estate professional for nearly 30 years. He has seen it all and he has the skills necessary to ease the mind of any stressed-out homeowner.